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Montreal Pinhole Portrait Workshop


Wouldn’t you like to shift from taking ordinary and predictable photographs to making hand-crafted images that are visually striking and one on its own?

Come learn and explore the classic art of capturing self-portraits using a pinhole camera with me in the studio in a one day workshop that I will be hosting in the month of September.

Pinhole photography is one of the most basic forms of photography. It’s powerful, it’s magical and will awaken your creativity giving you an experience like no other from start to finish. This workshop is for anyone (18+) wanting to learn something new and different in the creative realm of photography.


This is not your typical pinhole photography workshop where you build a camera and then trek outdoors to expose whatever it is you see. This pinhole photography workshop goes deeper. You will be challenged with light, time, stillness and your creative inner being and all of this will be done in an unconventional way.

All images in this workshop will be in black and white only.

This one day workshop will be categorized into 10 sections:

1. Brief history of the pinhole camera
2. Characteristics and differences between pinhole cameras that are available
3. My approach and techniques I use to create pinhole portraits
4. Calculating exposure
5. How to load your paper
6. Introduction to paper processing and development
7. Basic pinhole portraits (paired together)
8. Creative pinhole portraits and movement ( self- portraits)
9. Processing and development of pinhole portraits
10. Scanning in Photoshop
Please be aware that you will be working in an environment where chemicals will be handled.
All materials will be provided such as chemistry, paper, tongs, trays, paper, tripods and pinhole cameras. Clothing is not provided.

Here is a PDF with detailed information that touches briefly on what will be discussed during the workshop:


Interested? Head on over and register here.
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