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DIY 5×7 Camera

I have been working on building a 5×7 pinhole camera to go along with 2 others I have built in different dimensions other than the typical square box.


The bad news is, after almost finishing it I realized that I would have issues with being able to load and unload paper into the box . As you can see it was not done very strategically which means I am back to the drawing board once again.


One thing I decided to do to make it easier was a search on eBay for some 5×7 film holders. Without a doubt, I knew that they would be expensive, but I had no idea that the ones I prefer, the plastic version, would be so difficult to find. There were buying options for singles, but sold at extremely high prices and I am not a fan of the wooden made ones. However I eventually found a seller who was selling two plastic 5×7 film holders for 98$ USD. Yes I know, but it will help me create what I want to!


The good news to all of this is that once I get it right, I will be working on my newest self-portraits solely with my own personal handmade cameras. I am on a roll and will flow to whichever direction it will take me. I still have a soft spot for photographing people but to whichever comes first, that is where my creative mind will be.



  1. Ardean Peters

    That is really cool Nicole. iIt must feel wonderful knowing you created the camera itself and then will go on to make the image. Looking forward to see what you create next with your new cameras 🙂


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