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Lumen Prints – Part 3

Lumen Prints – Part 3

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In the last few weeks, I was able to really dig in deep with the lumen camera. I have learnt quite a bit during this time and I have come up with a few tips that I think can be valuable to you if you are thinking of giving this a try.

  1. Do not drench the paper in water. I suggest to wet the paper on both the emulsion side and the back side and lightly shake excess water off.
  2. Be careful when shaking the excess water off. You want to make sure that you are holding the paper in such a way for the excess water to flow evenly off the paper and mind that your fingers are not touching the emulsion of the paper.
  3. You would want to do steps 1 and 2 in subdued light or in a shaded area.
  4. If you are ever in doubt and feel you need more exposure due to weather inconsistency, add more exposure.
  5. When exposure time is finished, quickly place your exposed lumen negative into anything that will block out light. This step is very important or your image will disappear!


I have learned that even though the lumen negative is dry, do not pull them out into any direct bright light whatsoever. I made the mistake of doing this while I was prepping my scanner and ended up loosing an image. The negative had turned into a purplish-blue color and the image disappeared. Having gone through that experience, after I have exposed an image, I will leave it in anything light tight for a minimum of 5 hours or until the following day. You can take a peek but before you do so make sure you are in subdued light.

Here is a resulting image. Take note that this was exposed on a cloudy day and exposure time was 1 hour.

lumen prin


Helpful tip if you are already working with this camera. If you want to get more flexibility, try attaching the Lumenbox camera with an elastic onto a tripod mount. It might look flimsy, but it works! It also gives you more options in regards to camera position, angles and height.


For Inspiration, visit lumen_box on Instagram    

Still to follow: Lumen Prints- part 4

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