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Lumen Prints- Part 2

Lumen Prints – Part 2

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Lumen Prints – Part 1

I wanted to share with you my first experience with the Lumen box camera. I actually have been trying to test a few weekends before I did this one but unfortunately I was bummed out due to rain. I decided this time around to give it a shot rain or shine on my balcony. This was a day where the weather was very inconsistent which made it tricky for me especially since this was my first time at this technique.

The instructions and guidelines that came with the purchase of the Lumen box camera was quite helpful and I was able to estimate a good enough time. The exposure of this image was approximately 30 minutes.




There were a few errors I made when exposing this image. The first is that I should have been more careful with the placement of the book that I had strategically used as a “tripod”. As you can see, it appears in the image. Second, I could have added a little more exposure time. Even though Photoshop plays a role in helping fine tune my images, (such as with the shadows and highlights), my goal is to always try my best to avoid having to make any enhancements in Photoshop whether it be a lot or a little.


It is obvious that photographing people with this camera would not be a good idea and it is too bad as I love the look of the images that comes from this technique. The thought of remaining still for 30 minutes is quite demotivating, the same would apply even at 10 minutes. With that in mind, I have decided to continue using this process creating still life images, but you never know, I just might try a self-portrait!

For Inspiration, visit lumen_box on Instagram    

Still to follow: Lumen Prints- part 3



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