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Lumen Prints – Part 1

I recently discovered a new creative playground, making lumen prints. I have always known of this process, but not in the way that I discovered it. The process I have known it to be was by taking old sheets of unexposed black and white photo paper and placing objects or negatives on top as if you were going to make a photogram but instead of using an enlarger you would take the paper out in the sun.

I never knew that there was such a thing as a lumen box camera until about 1 month ago when I came across a profile on Instagram :Lumen_Box. The artist is well know on Instagram for making handmade cameras for lumen negatives and also known as Joterman Otero.


I will admit, I was curious. I love the look of his images as they reminded me of pinhole photographs and tintype photographs that were all combined into one. Lucky for me I was able to purchase from his first batch of handmade cameras that he is presently selling on Etsy:


6×6 Lumen Box Camera


I will be honest and say when I received the camera, even though I knew it was 6×6 in size, I was a little doubtful of what I could possibly create with it. But those who know me well, know that I don’t give up that easily!


It is not a Pinhole Camera.
It works with paper RC (preferably brightness)
It produces direct negative for its subsequent digital processing.


All in all I have been really enjoying this process and the results I have gotten so far are pretty good. Just to keep in mind if you are thinking about trying this out in this way, you will need to be patient and be ready for long exposure times. Wetting the paper prior to exposing helps reduce exposure time and if you add sodium bicarbonate to the water, this will help reduce exposure time even more.


Still to follow: Lumen Prints- part 2









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