Nicole Small | One on One

A Focus On My Own Objectives

Coming into a new field of dreams, a new output and new frame of mind with a focus on my own true objectives.



Why do I enjoy photographing people when the opportunity sets itself before me? I love emotion. Emotions are powerful and meaningful and they remind me of our own human reality.

Fear, happiness, anger, joy, surprise, strength, weakness, pain, sadness, excitement and all emotions in between..they are beautiful, they are real. They are all part of what defines us at particular time as we continuously move forward in our daily lives. Whether it is a positive or negative, those moments matter.


As a passionate portrait photographer, I am one that does not strive for perfection. I seek out an originality that speaks of that person I am photographing even when approached with an artistic frame of mind.

Within myself I believe there has to be a level of trust, belief, passion, courage, an openness to see and photograph from the heart and most importantly an openness to see and photograph without fear.

How does this appeal to others? How does this work out in the end?

However it may go I have learned to take charge of my own creative vision, a vision perhaps not many may appreciate or see as worthy because of it not being the normal thing to do or I should say what everybody else is doing or what it is I am doing is not what would be considered as the “in” thing

Having set myself apart in my own little way, a way that is fearless and honest, I am not afraid of revealing my own truths and vulnerabilities nor my true face as raw and unretouched. I know I am in a pathway that is less desired by others because of my approach and vision that is all based on reality, a reality that is perhaps personal and revealing but just as I have been honest with myself in my self-portraiture, I approach those that I photograph with that same honesty and wouldn’t have it any other way.



I am ok with the idea that perhaps my work may not really go anywhere except where I decide to post them online OR on my desktop of my computer. I am too ok of the thought of not doing what everybody else is doing even if that means that a majority of the time in front of me there will be an empty chair.


Will people ever be drawn to my “unorthodox/ non mainstream” approach? So far it has been a mystery, a mystery that maybe one day will be realized by others and that means without me ever having to dishonor my way of seeing honestly, artistically and creatively.



  1. Randy Mayer Photography

    Beautiful and powerful images and your powerful words from your soul, this is an artist!! I know I’m not alone loving your photo and the soul that creates them!! Maybe one day, the world will stop being like everyone else and they will look around and see a truth, a realness around them, then see your work and power within it. Truth, honest and very powerful!!
    love it NIC!! 🙂


    • Unifying Creativity

      Thank you Randy! You have always been supportive of my work and I appreciate that very much!

      Maybe things will change and then again maybe they won’t , regardless I will still create in the ways that I have been.


  2. Hi Nicole, I always admire your work and I think the portraits you’ve given us here are particularly powerful. Have the courage to keep on going your own way and don’t give in to convention! Looking forward to more pix, Peter


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