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The Telephone Tag Project – 2017

I have posted this project before … I am posting this again!

In 2014 I had the idea of starting a project with people who were following my personal blog. “The telephone Tag Project”



Just as in the game telephone tag, a word or phrase gets passed on from one person to the next but in this case it will be a photograph created by you.

So how do we begin?
For those who are interested, send me a message along with your email to:

Not convinced that it is a good idea to get involved? If you are not but you got a few minutes to spare, have a look at the following link which will bring you to my original post in regards to this project :

This time around I am hoping to get more involved having no restrictions to your creativity nor to what you decide to use to create your image.

Still not convinced? Here is a post of all the images together:




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