Nicole Small | One on One

Black History Month 2017

Tomorrow will be the month of February, “Black History Month”.

Every year before this time has come around, I have always tried to connect with my community to collaborate with me on a photo series. My idea for this series was to photograph women of color in states in which we find ourselves in our daily life. The essence of grace, strength, rawness and the “not so pretty”.

To my surprise, I have never received interest nor inquiries and I have posted everywhere possible that I could think of. It really puzzles me deeply. I would imagine that it would be something that would be embraced, but as they say, assumptions can lead straight to disappointment.

To me, this is a time to be even more open to coming together, embracing one another and building each other up.

In no way am I trying to be insulting or saying that everyone is this way, but I have yet to understand how these things work.

So once again in my failure of not being able to connect with others to bring a project to life, I have decided throughout the month of February to showcase photographers that I have found to be inspiring and that have opened the doors to realities in our society and everyday living within black culture.

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