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Different Ways To Look At The Same Thing

When I started in photography, I was very much into photographing everything straight on. There was no movement except that of my kit lens which had a zoom of 18mm – 70mm. This worked great for me in the beginning as I was still in the learning stages of trying to understand the functions of the camera, shutter speed, aperture and lighting.

Once I became confident and started to understand photography, I started to look into the different types of lenses that were available.The 50mm 1.8 lens was the lens that seemed to be one that everybody was talking about and buying and so I ended up buying one.

There was such a difference when I started photographing with this lens. I had to move my feet, which I was not use to! But it was a great learning curve and introduction into helping me develop a new way of approaching a subject, seeing and photographing.

“Different ways to look at the same thing”.

Here is a quick test that I did, with subject matter that I hardly ever shoot.

(maybe it is something you can try if you have not already!).





  1. We get so spoiled – and so lazy! – with zoom lenses. Working with a prime lens is a fascinating and valuable exercise which I think all photographers should indulge in from time to time. I recently got a 24mm “pancake” lens, so-called because it’s only a little over an inch long! It makes the camera feel much lighter and I look forward to experimenting outdoors with it. I hope you continue to enjoy your 50mm!


    • Unifying Creativity

      So true Peter! I jus got an old 28mm NIkon lens in which I am quite anxious to play around with!

      Whoa 24mm! That will be fun! Let me know how it goes!


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