Nicole Small | One on One

The Mindset Continues

The last few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking. Having ended the year on not such a positive note, I have come to the realization that I need to change my way of thinking and frame of mind.


Be Daring. Expand Your Mind To Different.


When I come about a creative idea, I think BIG, (Not that there is anything wrong with that. I mean you must have a positive outlook and confidence towards any creative project or idea). The problem is, is that I believe so strongly that numerous people will respond and want to be part of an idea I put out there. Now how unrealistic is that?

I have to learn, adapt and understand that the creative ideas I wish to bring to light will be more successful if looking at them as a long-term project, even if it isn’t!

I will be brutally honest and say in my reality, when things don’t come to light it really takes an emotional toll. My heart, my soul and mind is in everything I do at 150%. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that not everything I do or will try to do will work out successfully, but how do I narrow that gap?





My new approach will be to have a neutral state of mind. In saying that, I am referring to projects in which I set out casting calls, invitations or when I am seeking collaborations. Now I don’t want you to read this out as being negative, I just think that if I do have more of a neutral state of mind, it will carry over with a lesser negative impact.

Let’s face it, my target group that I am looking for is very hard to find. The people that I seek are ones who are not looking for perfection, they want art and can see themselves being physically part of it. It is all about achieving a vision.

So as my mind wanders into different spectrum’s of self-clarification, determination and wonder, I will embrace all that has happened and apply a new mindset with a firm belief that this year is where it will all begin.





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