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Out of the Blue: Explorations in Cyanotype

Some of you may know that in the last few months, I have been quite fixated on the Cyanotype process.  I have been working on creating a body of work of artistic portraiture using this process with the end goal of being able to exhibit this work in my own personal show. It seems as though things are falling into place and that opportunity has come a lot faster than I had imagined!

 No Frame Cyana 2 No Frame Cyana 1

(some previous work)

There was a recent call for entries by Gallery 136 1/2 at PhotoSynthesis in Manchester Connecticut for images created with the Cyanotype process. Isn’t that cool? Forty to fifty pieces will be chosen by juror Jesseca Ferguson to be exhibited at Gallery 136 1/2.  Thanks to the World Cyanotype 2016 Facebook public group for announcing this 🙂

I will be honest and say that I was a little hesitant at first, but in the end I found myself completely engulfed in the process, ( not that I have not been already!). This definately was a tricky one! Having to keep in mind of the deadline in submitting the work along with having to hope that when you wake up, the sun will be out! There were a few disappointing days, but in the end I was able to get everything all good and ready.

 Notification of Acceptance: Monday, July 11, 2016

Exhibition: Saturday, August 6–Saturday, August 27, 2016.

 I am really excited to find out if I will be one of the chosen, I will be sure to keep you all posted 🙂


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