Nicole Small | One on One

It Starts Now

This post has been written with my dear and close friend in mind. I am saddened that she has been going through a tough time. I wish I could make the time move forward so that the emotional pain she is feeling now would become nothing more than haze.

….and to those who find themselves clinging on to a past, a past you consciously know is a road to self-destruction.

It is not always easy to have to let go. Letting go of something that seems so hard to forget, especially if your heart was in it, and in it wholeheartedly, truthfully and loyally.

Ah yes..I have been there. The wrong seems so right, desperation, anxiety,  that can’t live without feeling…..

Is this really what you want for yourself? Dishonesty, manipulation, betrayal. Is any of that worth it? Used, exploited, played , taken advantage of.

This is not how it is suppose to be.

Yes, say it to yourself.

No, it is not acceptable.

Believe there is more, there is different, there is better.



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