Nicole Small | One on One

The Project Is On!

Here it is! I am very excited!

Participating Photographers

1. Nita McGrew :

2. Randal Mayer:

3. Titanium Mike:

4. Nicole Small,( that’s me!):

( I will be sending an email out to you all!)

Although this is a project where there are no limits to creativity, I have only applied one rule. That rule is that the images created can only be shot using film in black and white or color 🙂

Holga, pinhole, 35mm, medium format …..go for it!

If any of you would like to see the online webcast on Creativelive by photographer Matthew Jordan Smith click here.( click on “Why Do I Need A personal Project”- at 29 min he explains the “pass it on ” project )….. maybe it will inspire you!


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