Nicole Small | One on One

True Beauty

 Although I really enjoy fashion shoots, where the makeup, hair and styling have to be near that “100%” mark, I personally resonate more with photographing people without that notion or goal. Fashion shoots can be really exciting, fun, creative and challenging! But I love that quiet and one on one feel when photographing someone in a more enclosed and personal surrounding. I love simplicity. I love photographing people at their most natural state, or as natural as they will allow me to photograph them.

My focus for much of my personal work has been about keeping it simple. Yes, maybe a little boring to some! But there is so much to simplicity.

Photographer: Titanium Mike

The goal for me is to experience that of personal expressions, emotions, feelings, conversation, quiet or not quiet. A focus on working within that comfort zone,however and wherever it may be, without being intrusive and nothing being overly staged or pre-planned. No, it is not an easy thing to ask or explain to someone, but wouldn’t it be nice?

  The images below was a beginning stage of when this became a ” thing /idea” in my head. At the time I took these images, I was not completely sure of my exact focus, approach or goal. Now I have come back full circle with more clarity. I am hoping to re-start this in a form of a series with the hopes of creating images that are just “truly beautiful”.

So here I come with open arms and an open heart with a passionate mind that will forever be inspired by everyone around me.


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