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1 week after….

Remember the post I had written last week? If not,click HERE.

I was hoping that others who had seen the post would have participated but then again…it is always a tricky thing to try to get people to join along into something.


As far as my experience, I found it to be quite an interesting week and for some reason or other I found myself to be quite daring,( as you will soon come to understand once I post the results).

I wish I could post them for you today but I shot them with black and white film so I have to wait a few days before picking them up from the lab.

So Mike, did you see or feel…anything?

One comment

  1. Thanks Mike for your reply! I am happy that it was a success!

    Mike wrote:
    Second attempt. Ok this might be the latest and lamest reply I’ve ever posted, but here it is: the 1 week project didn’t spawn any new or immediate images or ideas for me. However, it got me thinking, and I’m ready to (re-)start a series I did a few years ago. So for that, the project has been a success! Thank you Nic. Now, before you visit this link, don’t say ‘what the h*** did you do to your website again?!’. I think I have it’s not really my fault LOL. Here’s the link:

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