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1 Week

I had a very interesting discussion with one of my dearest friends on Friday, Titanium Mike and I decided to propose a creative challenge.

1 week

I have selected the Canon ML Auto Focus camera for this challenge.



Step one: Take your tripod out

Step two: Select any one camera

Step three: Attach camera to tripod, (but it does not have to remain on the tripod if a feeling of creativity comes along, your choice).

Step four: Select a spot in any space of your home and place it there for one week

The goal of this challenge is to prove a point. The point being that it is possible to break through a cycle of feeling lost creatively and artistically. But you have to be open to it and at the same time you have to let go. This may not make sense to some of you? But I am hoping that with this challenge I can help out a dear friend.

“Remember Mike, we do not always have to be creating 24/7 in order to feel that we are an artist or that we are of value. It is alright if our ideas do not always come out as we have envisioned. Look at these times as a process of growth, an opening to something new, something different and as a learning process that can be applied to the next time around. Get out of those so-called comforts.”

In fact, sometimes taking a break is needed and can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. You can use these times to experiment or do nothing at all. Either way, it’s OK!1 week

This is not about trying to break your head into coming through with new ideas every day,  nor is it about trying to see how many images you can come up with at the end of the weeks challenge. The idea is to keep your mind stimulated each day with that special tool just in visible sight that enables you to be creative.

Maybe it might spark an idea that would need to be sketched out on paper? Maybe it might lead you to a place you have always wanted to go to capture photos but never did. Maybe it might make you want to retry an old idea or project that did not work out as you wanted it to? Maybe a series or project may come to mind? A self-portrait? Maybe you might not feel anything and that is OK! Try again!

So I welcome you Mike to take this challenge with me!

( and anyone else who would like to give it a try!)

Prep your camera and tripod tonight. The challenge begins Monday March 16th 6am and ends Sunday March 22nd at midnight!

Want to share your experience? I would love to hear it! Feel free to post down below at the end of the weeks challenge. 🙂




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