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12:30 – NO SHOW

I had a disappointing day today. I had a booked shoot at 12;30 and it was a no-show. No phone call, no message…nothing. So I decided to post another image from a set I had taken a few weeks ago. I have been testing with Ilfords FP4  Plus film. I think I really like this one.  I shot this using the self timer with my Yashica D and natural light.. I would love to know your thoughts! I processed the roll using Ilfosol3.

12:30 - No Show

So what is your secret? How do you find serious people to work with?


  1. Mike

    Unfortunately, the risk of disappointing collaborators is always there, especially with people with whom you’ve never worked before. When possible, I always ask or look around if someone has worked with a potential client/collaborator before, or check websites/fora where these things can be seen (as in positive/negative feedback on a model’s or photographer’s portfolio. That does’t take away the risk completely, but gives a bit of a ‘safer’ feeling I guess? And, I always try to have a backup plan. What to do if someone doesn’t show? In any case, people who don’t show up without any form of notice, go in my black book, unless afterwards I hear they’ve been hit by a car or something. Just my two cents 😛

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    • Thanks Mike for adding your thoughts!

      I remember 6-7 years ago when collaborations were seen as growth and were taken seriously. Something went wrong along the way and it appears that the thought of joining forces with whatever talent as collaboration has become a few and far between happening.

      I joke to myself and say how I must seem so vain having all these images of myself . But what else is there to do when nobody comes through or shows up to what they have confirmed?

      I am not trying to say everyone does not take collaborations seriously, but there has been a steady decline from what it use to be.

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  2. I found that calling and speaking to them guarantees they’ll be there and committed. Whenever I don’t actually talk to someone on the phone, (unless I’ve worked with them before), I tend to get last minute cancellations. Call at least the day before to confirm/chat about the shoot, etc.


  3. Jean-Marie Legrand

    you have to persevere my dear your talent is just starting to evolve and assert itself and I think you have found direction. luv ya keep at it girl I admire you from afar. your perseverance to surmount the obstacles that are put in your path amazes me because to me it seems that it flows well and you don’t even miss a step


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