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Seeing The Light

seeing The Light

I remember when I began my journey into photography there was one thing I kept on hearing and never understood what it meant at the time.

I would always here a photographer say, “find the light” or see the light”. I never understood this…. how exactly do you see the light or find it? This image reminded me of the time when I was learning photography and the time of when I could not get what seeing the light meant. This was taken at the fashion show I was at on Friday. As I was walking around I noticed some beautiful light coming out along a hallway. This actually was an out-of-bounds area, but I just could not resist.  As I walked in towards the hallway and peeked around the corner, I was just amazed by the light. I had to quickly exit though as I heard voices coming from the other side but I was able to take a quick snapshot before exiting the area. Oh did I wish I could photograph some of the models in this light!


  1. I LOVE light. For me, I need to; have to ‘see’ the light, to be able to shoot. Whether it’s natural light or studio. The light has to be ‘right’ and then I’m inspired to shoot 🙂


  2. Ynne

    May I ask, since you learnt to see the light and use it for your purposes… how did you do that? What helped you on that way? 🙂


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