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Here is another series of images I shot with model Anne T. and makeup artist Laury Anne M .This is really different from most of the work I have been posting but I am very happy with the way they came out. At first when I was reviewing the images in bridge I became very disappointed because  I was not seeing the images that we were aiming for. I went through them several times and I just could not see it. I’m not sure if it was the lighting or the angles I shot them in but they just did not have that “UMPH!”.

The idea was to have the model lying down on a wooden floor, as if she were asleep, with an apple cupped in her hands and rested on her upper torso just below her chest. The addition of feathers was part of the scene and the idea was to have it appear as though the room was just full of feathers and falling onto her. This was very difficult  as we did not have a fan! We tried to use a hair dryer, but it was not giving us an even flow and the feathers were falling down way too fast.

 After making my final selections and then finalizing them in Photoshop I realized without even a thought at the time that somehow the images represented part of myself.  Now it made sense to me as to why the images came out with such a “dark” and mysterious feel to them. I’m not about to tell you my whole personal story but giving you a breakdown will make you have a better understanding.

The Breakdown

The apple and the way it is held represents a lure, something attractive and interesting. The subject being dark and blurred represents untruth, darkness and deceit. The feather covering the eyes, (or eye),enhances the untruth and deceitfulness of the subject . The white of the feather serving as a camouflage created by the subject appearing as something pretty to look at.

When you are guilty and doing wrong, can you face it?

I hope you find these images interesting!  Let me know what you think!


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