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Anyone out there using this camera? I would love to hear from you. I have the 80mm, but I am looking for a nice portrait lens, and suggestions?

Mamiya C330


  1. I’m not a professional photographer but am just now thinking about trying out medium format cameras. I have a bunch of darkroom equipment (six boxes) that a man gave me when he saw me shooting film at a farmers market but I have no idea how to use it. Where is the best place in Canada to have 120 film developed? It’s all new to me.


    • Hi Lola! Wow lucky you! I develop my own black and white film at home. But if I do decide to get film developed I bring it to There is also another place:

      I want to try LLozeau out though. I personally do not like the results from Photo Service for color film development. I even find sometimes there is quite a bit of dust on the film (both black and white and color). This is why I decided to learn to develop my own film(black and white only).

      Where do you presently get your film developed?


      • Maybe I should just set up a darkroom. Right now I send it off through a small little camera shop here but the scans on cd they give me aren’t great quality so I’d like to get a decent scanner. I just use a decrepit old broken Minolta that my grandfather gave me so I’d like to upgrade to medium format. I just document my family so I probably shouldn’t spend a fortune but film is just so fun!


      • Yes it is Lola! I have the Epson v500 scanner and it seems to work pretty good…although I would love to upgrade to the Epson V700, but it is very expensive. You can get a good medium format camera for good prices now that will not break the bank. Although there are some great sites like and B&H and even ebay, I was told to buy local if possible.
        I oftenly look on, craigslist too. I got quite a few of my darkroom stuff from kijiji. It cost me 125 for about 5 boxes full of everything I need plus a Bessler enlarger to make my own prints. Steal of deal! You can do it I am sure without going over-board. Just look at what you have now and then get the things you will need. I hope this helps and feel free to ask me anything!


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