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Engaging Your Audience

nic162Last night I started thinking. How is it that for some bloggers, they have and continually attract and gain more followers and some do not? This is not a post about having and trying to just have a large mount of  followers, it is about gaining followers, yes, but  having those followers participate, interact and comment. Some form of dialogue.

I feel like I am in a slump..

I have been for a while, (although I am feeling  much better than before). So I have decided that from now on, I am just going to go with the flow of things….. I am hoping 2014 will be a year of new and cool opportunities, no  more thinking twice…just going for it.

I  hope to meet and connect with new and existing artists, bloggers, everyone from everywhere!



  1. It takes a lot of work! If helpful to you (as it was for the people who took it this fall), I’ll be offering a webinar in February via Skype from NY on how to blog better — including how to grow your audience and build engagement. I’ll be announcing it next week on my blog.

    It takes time, energy and commitment, which for some bloggers just feels too much like work.


  2. Followers of my blog remember just such a post I submitted on my blog. I had been up and running over a year and had just reached 100 followers. I was grateful for the loyal few as it allowed me to respond to all commenters to my posts.

    I love animal photography so I spend a lot of time at the Oregon Zoo. I’m going 3-4 days a week, spending time meeting people who are visitor and who work/volunteer their time there. I started passing out contact cards (business cards) showing my two blog sites as well as my email address and home phone number. I’m a retired professional wedding/portrait photographer.

    Quite suddenly I started picking up European readers who not only liked and followed me but spread the word of my work throughout Europe. The same thing happened in the Philippines. My blog went viral and is still climbing. I’m already over 1,000 followers and gather half a dozen or more each day.

    You might want to get cards, if you don’t already have them, and a tablet device to show off your best work. You already have a blog site to set that or another site to show you very best work. My Tumblr site is just screen size photos with very little text. It has led to many fans.

    I now have days where I don’t have the time to respond to short comments or the follower doesn’t speak English. I welcome them all. There’s a Tumblr link at the bottom of my WordPress blog home page. I hope this gives you some insight. Keep shooting and posting!


    • Than You so much for your wonderful response to my post. I will definately take your advice and create cards. Did you just give them out as you were out shooting? What was your approach?

      Thanks for the boost and advice 🙂

      Happy New Year!


      • As zoo visitors look at a particular animal exhibit, say leopards, I have my tablet’s leopard folder open and show them the animal(s) at their best. Then I simply hand them a contact card to see more. Pretty soon, depending on the crowd, more people see the same photos and ask for contact cards. I print them myself with Avery, Clean-Cut business cards.

        I especially hand out the cards if I take people pictures, offering, in my case, free photos of their kids interacting with the animals. I’ve had a lot of fun doing that. There are many posts on my blog about my people pictures. Use the search feature on Halloween.


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