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First Contact Sheet In The Darkroom!

Today I finally got the chance to experience working in the darkroom! I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to start making my own prints…soooooooo…..I did some research into the tools I would need. I knew that I would need an enlarger and at first, this was a scary thought. Where would I buy one? How much do they cost ? What brand to buy?

Well I met a man by the name of Brent, who has quickly become a very good friend. He himself works in the darkroom and I was lucky to be able to get good tips and suggestions on where to start and what to look for. I started off my search on Kijiji. Let me tell you, I got a great deal.

I was able to get an enlarger,(Besler 23cII), and all the stuff needed to get started, and I mean everything in one shot.  All I was missing was the paper! So tonight I got myself prepared and I made my first contact sheet! Check it out!

Contact Sheet

Model: Jennifer Flyn

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